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New Glasurit (OEM) paint job
Have you ever stressed about a newly discovered chip in your paint?

Imagine my heartbreak after discovering HUNDREDS of tiny chips in my paint after a freak California hail storm!!!

My M5 had been badly pummeled, and I wasn't sure what to do...  A call to my insurance provider resulted in a negotiated settlement that would pay for a basic partial paint job.  The insurance check covered about a third the cost of the work I ultimately had done.  

After waiting 3 months and hearing about lots of "delays", the body shop finally completed the work... I was very happy with the new look.

Check out the high quality pics in the Photo galleries 1 & 2.
This M5 had multiple coats of paint
The previous owner of this car had it repainted with non-OEM paint that needed to be removed.

So it was stripped to bare metal in preparation for the OEM Glasurit paint job.

Restoration mindset required the correction.
Some trim pieces were looking tired
All the trim was removed in paint prep, and it was the perfect time to replace the older trim.

This project came together painfully slow over three months. 

Such a clean "new look".
My M5 demanded lower profile wheels
The original alloy wheels just didn't fit the improved appearance.  So I started to look for 18" wider/lower profile wheels and tire combo.

Results are in the photo galleries.
Lots of improvements over the years
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My 88 M5 front-end stripped to bare metal
My 88 M5 panels truedd to bare metal
My 88 M5 primed and ready for final paint
My 88 M5 primed
My 88 M5 front-end painted
My 88 M5 rear-end painted
My 88 M5 rear-end painted