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Upgrades and repairs list
The car is stock apart from these upgrades:
DINAN software chip and performance exhaust cam sprocket/gear.
UUC short shifter kit and bushings.
Fahey track pipe, “swappable” center exhaust section.
DINAN stage 4 suspension upgrade, with full new rebuild of suspension parts.
18" wheels with wider/lower profile tires.
Added Bavarian Autosport tubular aluminum Strut brace.
Pioneer stereo with Koiiler power amp and Alpine subwoofer amplifier to Bazooka sub.
Rear brakes "Big Brake" upgrade to BMW 750iL pads, rotors, calipers and caliper carriers.
Front brake rotors drilled.
Custom sheepskin seat covers for the front seats.

These maintenance and refurbishment items have been done through the years:

Appropriate periodic BMW maintenance I and II services.
Repainted with Glasurit OEM paint.
New ECU.
Rebuilt drive shaft and new drive line “guibo” and center bearing.
New OEM M5 aluminum radiator with new coolant level sensor.
Cooling system maintenance, including all new hoses, thermostat, fan clutch, BMW blue coolant.
New intake accordion boot and breather hoses.
New water pump.
New steering box.
New OEM tinted windshield and gasket moldings.
New moldings and seals to all doors, windows, and trunk.
New front grille and bumper side trim.
New fuse box cover, replace all fuses.
New Clutch, Clutch Slave & Master Cylinder.
Motor mounts, trans mounts and seals.
New sub-frame bushings and trailing arm support "dog bone" bushings.
New blower motor.
New upper control arms.
New battery.
Fan belts replaced periodically.
Replace aux. fan and resistor.
Rear tail light assemblies replaced (left and right), added LED lights.
New Fan and fan clutch.
Air conditioning system updated to R134.
New OEM Exhaust system.
Pressurized carbon removal Carb/engine flush.